What is SmileLase?


SmileLase  is a laser assisted procedure developed with the objective of improving health and beauty while reducing pain and dysfunction of the head and neck for patients 2 and older.  

The primary goals of therapy include pain reduction, inflammation reduction and increasing blood flow but there are many powerful secondary benefits. 

It was developed with the goal of increasing the quality of life for patients while simplifying treatment plans for the dental teams caring for the complex patient.

SmileLase Therapy is delivered with FDA approved technology and has been utilized for many years without any known adverse effects.

It delivers a very specific form of biologically safe coherent infra-red  light through a specially designed handpiece.  SmileLase Therapy does not involve physical touch with the patient, yet delivers a medical grade dose of healing energy through a thin fiber that transmits the light from the laser to the patient. 

SmileLase is not to be confused with Low Level Laser Therapy as the two techniques are very different in their approach and delivery,.

SmileLase: Giving you SOMETHING to smile about

SmileLase: Connect


One of the goals of therapy for patients receiving SmileLase Therapy is to connect  neurologic pathways that have been damaged or diminished as a result of trauma. 

SmileLase: Restore


Another goal of SmileLase Therapy is to restore function that has been impaired as a result of pain and restriction.

Simple and sophisticated.

Laser treatment of the oral region


SmileLase involves the utilization of a highly specific application of laser technology in a very controlled delivery to the regions of the head and neck .  

The FDA approved equipment utilized to deliver the Class 4 medical grade laser dosage  is delivered in a carefully prescribed protocol.  

Carefully Selected Equipment

The equipment, settings and frequencies utilized in SmileLase Therapy are unique.  SmileLase has been developed over many years and with a highly specifically designed delivery. that is then customized to the needs of the patient.  

There are two lasers capable of delivering SmileLase Therapy.   One is the Lightwalker laser by Fotona and is developed specifically for dental use.

The other is a portable, battery operated laser that can be used for either dental or medical use.  This  laser is distributed by both Fotona as the XLase and by inPhase Medical as the FoxLase.

Thoughtfully Developed Approach to Care

There is a reason why SmileLase Therapy took many years to develop and is being released to providers in a carefully controlled setting.  It is a powerful tool that deserves to be delivered by those who respect its ability to affect their patients in many ways. 

Only the providers  that show a thorough knowledge of the technologies, techniques and theory behind SmileLase will be given authority to use the SmileLase  name, logo and permission to deliver SmileLase Therapy through the The Synergy Academy.


Origins of SmileLase and Trademark Issues

SmileLase is the same technique known as OraLase.  It was developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom with the goal of improving quality of life for patients and improving treatment outcomes for ALF Therapy providers.  

Due to a competing trademark application, the term OraLase cannot be advertised without risk of legal action from the owner of the company that applied for the similar word "Orolase".  Practitioners choosing to utilize and advertise the SmileLase

technique (and who have taken the appropriate training through The Synergy Academy) can use the term SmileLase without fear of legal retribution from a competing company.  

For more information on OraLase, please use the following link:

Frequently Asked QUestions

How can SmileLase help decrease pain?



The wavelength, power and delivery technique are specific to treating the layer of tissue that contains the C fibers  which can react to various stimuli including: thermal, mechanical, and chemical.   They also respond to lack of oxygen, levels of glucose/sugar, presence of metabolic by products,  changes in position and sensitive touch.  In other words, they are highly sensitive to many physiologic changes in the body and are highly influential in how the brain perceives the body.  

By stimulating the C fibers through gentle warmth provided by the specific healing frequency of the non-visible, non-ionizing light provided by SmileLase, the damaged tissue treated with SmileLase perceives a sense of wellness and calm  that the brain then recognizes.  Based on years of patient feedback, the results are much more powerful than simply a physical relief of pain.  

The additional benefits of a sense of calm, wellness, endorphin release and ability to resolve emotional trauma complement the more measurable , yet just as important physical benefits of the therapy.


How does SmileLase improve function?


 The use of the SmileLase frequencies allows an increase in blood supply and removal of the chemicals associated with damaged tissues.  In addition to the regenerative effects of this therapy, through an immediate response in pain and function, the brain is now able to recognize the tissue as healthy and functional. 

 This dramatic combination of physical healing of damaged tissues and neurological reconnection  between brain and  body supports ongoing recovery from both acute and chronic trauma 

The beauty within


Why SmileLase is a comprehensive approach to wellness...

The sensation of pain in the fascial tissue and C fibers is processed through the emotional (also known as the limbic) system. Recent research indicates that the communication between the cerebellum and cortex is critical in our developing sense of self. The limbic system stands between the two .

The communication  of the sensation of pain within the co between the parts of the brain must pass through the limbic system which can color the reality of the perception.   

By almost instantly relieving pain while creating sensations that we feel as familiar and comfortable, the brain is allowed to transition from the pain to pleasure in a safe space of physical and emotional healing.

SmileLase creates and utilizes the sensations that are primitively familiar to the limbic system and temporarily open a window allowing the cerebellar-cortical communication to occur without interpretation.

That is the principle of integration. 

We are using primitive, known and safe sensations to allow this gentle reawakening of feelings of safety and self-confidence. 

Trauma removes that sense of safety and SmileLase can temporarily restore a sense of wellness to create a space for healing and trauma resolution.

Trauma removes the connection between self and safety. 

SmileLase creates an opportunity for the reconnection.

Smilelase is for ages 6 and older

Who can this help?



The possibilities are endless in who can be helped with SmileLase.    

SmileLase  has been helpful for people with:

  • Acute pain of the head and neck
  • Chronic pain of the head and neck
  • Patients with neurologic conditions
  • Those suffering from anxiety
  • Patients with sleep disordered breathing
  • Children and and adults with restricted tongue function
  • Patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder